the team

JBARCH is about Architectural design, construction, project management and bespoke furniture and objects. Our team comprises professionals with Architectural and trades qualifications.

Our team is run by Jason Blake, the director and nominated architect of Jason Bake Architecture. Jason is also the licensed Nominated Supervisor for JBA Construct.

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Principal Architect & Licenced Builder:

Jason Blake

Jason Blake graduated from the University of Newcastle in 1995 with a Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) and worked in large and small architectural practices across Sydney. Jason has also earned a Bachelor of Applied Science from University of Newcastle.

He graduated with Certificate III in Building & Construction in 2014. Jason is also a designer/maker of furniture and objects.

Site Supervisor:

Nicholas O'Brien

Nicholas O'Brien has been a licensed builder for over 25 years with a vast experience in residential and commercial work across Sydney. Nicholas and Jason have a working relationship stretching more than 20 years.

When not on site, Nick can be found in the surf or on the golf course.

Graduate of Architecture:     

Shokoufeh Rajaian

Shokoufeh Rajaian, also known as Shok, graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 2017 with a Masters of Architecture.

Shok has also earned a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Technology Sydney and a Diploma of Building Design and Technology.

Shok spends her quality time painting, hiking and practicing yoga.

Graduate of Architecture:

Yazhad Gheesta

Yazhad Gheesta also known as Yaz, graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 2016 with a Bachelor of Architecture. Yaz has also earned a Diploma of Visual Communications (graphic design).

Yaz is an F1 fan and enjoys a casual fishing session.